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Transmission & Playout

Transmission & playout

BSS offers end-to-end Playout services for SD, HD, and 4K TV channels, both with its own technology and in the cloud. It has a great team with experienced professionals who are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Among the services offered by BSS, which can also be combined with other satellite or terrestrial network distribution services, are:

  • BSS has the best video servers and automation systemsto provide on-site and cloud solutions for all types of TV channels, for both pre-recorded contents and with live programming.
  • BSS has a large amount of NAS storage and LTO libraries managed by a MAM in order to be able to store and manage content in the most secure and robust way.
  • Graphics systems or channel brandingthat allows anything from the generation of the logo or on-screen graphic to the most sophisticated graphics, banners, effects such as DVE, etc.

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